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Land acquisition is turning out to be a costly affair for BMRCL in the second phase of the work, as it has already paid Rs 2,704.82 crore to acquire property. The acquisition cost is to go up many folds as BMRCL is yet to acquire about 40 per cent of land required for the implementation of phase-II.

The corporation has already acquired 60 per cent of the land since the beginning of the work on this phase. The corporation has identified 10,20,200 square mt (102.02 hectares) of land for implementation of the phase and as per the detailed project report (DPR), Rs 5,000 crore has been set aside for the acquisition of government and private lands.

Out of this, about 6,45,964.93 sq mt of land has been acquired, 3,74,235.07 square mt of land is yet to be acquired.

Of the Rs 5,000 crore, the BMRCL has already paid around Rs 2,704.82 crore for acquiring land and has acquired about 1,87,892.63 square mt of government land and 4,58,072.30 square mt of private land.

Going by the statistics about the land acquired obtained through Right to Information Act, the corporation has earmarked about 18 percent of the funds of the total estimated cost of Rs 26,405.14 crore for phase-II. Of the 18 per cent, 10 per cent has already been spent on land acquisition.

Meanwhile, the corporation had spent about 2,305.90 crore on acquisition of 12,76,338.27 square mt of land for implementation of Metro phase-I for 42 km. It had acquired 71 government assets and 999 private assets for implementation of phase-I. The estimated total cost of the phase-I was Rs 11,609 crore, but it was revised to Rs 13,845 crore later. As per the details, about 16 per cent of the total cost of the project was spent on land acquisition for phase-I.

Channappa Goudar, Special Land Acquisition officer, BMRCL, said the corporation has acquired about 54 per cent of land required for implementation of phase-II and land for depots is yet to be acquired.

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