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The ministry of urban development (MoUD) will conduct a workshop here on Thursday to train government agencies on how to sort and provide data required for the ‘liveability’ assessment of the capital city and Rourkela.

Bhubaneswar and Rourkela – both Smart Cities – are among 116 cities across the country to be part of the Centre’s ‘liveability standard assessment’. The assessment, to be conducted by the MoUD, will rate the cities on 79 parameters – 57 core indicators and 22 supporting ones – and determine the quality of life they provide to their residents.

Thursday’s workshop will see the participation of several stakeholders, including various government departments, since the assessment requires a lot of data from them. The data obtained from all the departments will be collated to prepare the liveability index, said a government officer.

In this first-of-its-kind index, the cities will be assessed on a comprehensive set of 79 parameters including availability of roads, education and health care, mobility, employment opportunities, emergency response, grievance redress, pollution, availability of open and green spaces and cultural and entertainment opportunities.

The MoUD has hired a consortium to conduct workshops in several cities that are part of the assessment. “Data on municipal financing and social infrastructure can be obtained from the urban bodies. Although municipal officers maintain data regularly, they will be taught how to organize the figures in the workshop. In many cases, physical survey may be required to obtain data for indicators such as water quality, pollution level and quality of urban transport,” added the officer.

Officials said a map-based analysis would be required to study the per capita availability of open space. The capital city has several geographical information-based (GIS) services such as location of parking spaces and toilets. This would enable the Bhubaneswar Development Authority and the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation to furnish data on GIS-based urban infrastructure, said an officer of the BMC.

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