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HYDERABAD: The MA&UD department might be keen on creating new urban development authorities, but it seems to have given up on its plans for an integrated Hyderabad Metropolitan Region (HMR) master plan.

Though an exercise to integrate five master plans was taken up three years ago, HMDA junked it a year ago after encountering various problems.

Allegations also abounded about the real estate lobby working against the integration at the government level. “If integration is done, there will be little scope for change of land use. All influential leaders and developers have been getting land use changed without any problem,” said S Ramakrishna, an architect.

There are currently five master plans for various areas at different points of time – erstwhile Huda, CDA, HADA, MCH and extended areas of HMDA.

An HMDA official said integration of various master plans was necessary as different regions have different zoning regulations and land uses, and discrepancies in plans have become a major hurdle for HMDA in giving building and layout permissions.

Integration would have brought uniformity in land use patterns and zoning regulations apart from incorporating various projects, which would have been useful for the next 25 years. Interestingly, the erstwhile Huda, HADA and CDA master plans expire in 2021.

“The plan was to bring all existing plans onto a single platform with the help of GIS data to help HMDA give permissions. With just one click, a planning officer would have got land use details of a particular survey number and also checked if the owner can get permission for a house,” a senior HMDA planning officer said.

HMDA had, a year ago, after consulting various stakeholders, prepared a draft plan that was sent to the state government for inviting public objections and suggestions but the government kept it on hold and asked HMDA to verify the plan on the ground, which it is yet to complete.

HMDA commissioner T Chiranjeevulu told TOI that the revision and integration of master plans is on hold as it will take at least two years. “MA&UD asked us to carry out only corrections in master plans. The entire planning department was busy with clearing LRS files but that LRS has come to an end, we will focus on rectification of mistakes in master plans,” he said.

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