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here’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. Sreedhar Nuggehal’s 30year efforts to get a BDA site bore fruit late last year, but the plot had become complicated. As raising money to pay for the site is near impossible, the 61-year-old retired employee is mulling over surrendering the plot allotted to him in Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Layout.

He’ll soon join around over 200 allottees who have already surrendered their sites in what’s perhaps an unpleasant first. A top BDA official confirmed that at least 230 allottees have given up their sites because they couldn’t raise money .

Sreedhar’s despair is understandable as it was the dream over two generations.His father attempted to get a BDA site and after he passed away , his registration was transferred to his son’s name. Sreedhar began applying for a site in 1986. “I was allotted the site in my seventh attempt. By then, I had retired. I don’t get pension and my son is floating a startup. First, we requested the BDA to extend the time for final payment. But after the 60-day extension, I still have no resources.Banks are denying me loans to buy the site,“ he says.

HS Sridhar Murthy , 69, has a similar story . He began applying for a BDA site in 1985 and got it in his seventh attempt. “I live on my daughter’s earnings. She is married and takes care of my household expenses. Banks have denied me loans as they would assess me as a person who cannot repay the loan and can’t present a collateral security against the loan. I have no option left but to surrender my site,“ he said. Both senior citizens don’t own a house.

BDA allotted 5,000 sites in Kempegowda Layout in December 2016 and gave allottees 60 days to pay for the site.

However, post demonetization, allottees had to drop plans of cash transactions.Heeding their request for more time, BDA gave another 60 days. The deadline now is around April 30, depending on the date of allotment.

300 sites returned

Bengaluru: The allottees, who accessed information from officials involved in allotment, said around 300 sites have been returned, and more may follow.

Another official in the finance department said the authority has collected only Rs 250 crore as payment. The target is Rs 1,750 crore for 5,000 sites.

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