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In the wake of all construction activities within the red zone of colour-coded zoning map (CCZM)requiring NOC from airport authority of India, the city corporation has decided to seek the aid of the state government to take up the matter with the Centre.

In a meeting of town planners, officials of airport, regional town planning office on Monday, the corporation decided to put forward a set of suggestions before the Centre.

Complaints have been pouring in from 20 wards which fall within the red zone after every kind of construction irrespective of height required clearance from airport.

The city corporation has demanded that residential buildings with less than two storeys shall be given permit directly by the corporation without the NOC from the airport authority. It further demanded that those constructions which have already been completed should be issued occupancy certificate without the need of an NOC.

The corporation has also demanded availing a software which examines height and co-ordinates of the building. The corporation officials also pointed out that the maximum timelimit for getting the NOC from airport shall be 15 days or it should be treated as deemed NOC.

The corporation will present a resolution in the next council meeting seeking relaxations in colour-coded zoning map.

The officials with airport reiterated that the map has been prepared as per the guidelines of the ministry of civil aviation. While in rest of all wards, only those constructions which are above permissible top elevation need to be forwarded for airport NOC, in 20 wards under the red zone, all constructions require clearance from airport.

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